Christian K Andrews

A Conceptual Copywriter

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Blog Articles

Writing blog articles are now a large part of working with web properties. It is imperative to use this strategy.

SEO Strategy

Get your company found by following examples that work when you build out your website.


Information architecture

Make sure you have the proper use of current computers and cell technology for todays world.

Content Strategy

You must have the perfect content to be able to compete with the latest arrivals in your space.

Product Reviews

We look at the latest technology that will help you as well as stuff you just do not really need.

Creative Copywriting

Your copywriting must talk to you prospective client.  You are not above anyone.  Be smart.

About Me

I have been working behind the scenes for quite some time now creating, learning and using the types of copy that really work.  I have studied the greats from Dan Kennedy to Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins to Niel Patel.  There are so many great personas out there that understand what moves people and I think I have practiced and learned enough and worked with enough successful people that I can help you too.  Lets get to know each other today.  

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